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Heads are buzzing with creative ideas for our Italian classes academic year 2020/21!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

With lockdown finally easing and UK Government announcement that schools will reopen for all students in September 2020 we just can’t wait to dive right in!! Some fabulous topics are on the way!

Preschool classes (children under 5)

For this coming Autumn Term, preschool classes will learn about musical instruments and make music with their bodies, they will learn a few letters from the alphabet and their phonetic sound in Italian, as well as numbers up to 10.

Italian Saturday school for bilingual children (ISS – primary school age)

Children who can already speak Italian are enrolled into the Italian Saturday School, which has a full time Italian approach as children stay with us for almost four hours every Saturday.

This year, the ISS will be divided into two sections according to their age: Primavera class (reception/year 1), Juniores class (year 2 and over).

The little ones will approach Italian phonics in a very special way, full of songs and story telling. The topic for the first term is ‘from farm to table’, so children will learn about farm animals, what the animals give us, fruit and vegetables and the importance of a healthy eating.

The older children will work on spelling of difficult phonics sounds in the Italian language as well as working on reading comprehensions. Their topic for the term is ‘inventions’, in particular they will talk about Leonardo da Vinci and they will work on a very special class project.

Beginners classes for primary school children

For those who are new to Italian, the school organises courses that aim to give children the basic vocabulary/sentences to get by on a day to day basis. Children will learn to introduce themselves, ask and answer simple questions, make sentences to describe objects using simple adjectives. The topic for their first half term is ‘school’, followed by ‘toys and games’ in the second half term.

Beginners classes for secondary school children

This course follows the same structure of the beginner classes for primary school children but with much more grammar and vocabulary. Children will learn dialogues and will be able to translate sentences using a number of verbs. They will also study topics in a much extensive way. When the time is righ, if families want, we will prepare children for their Italian GCSE exams.

Intermediate classes for primary school children

Children who can already speak Italian are normally enrolled into the Italian Saturday School, which has a full time approach as children stay with us for almost four hours every Saturday. Families of bilingual children who can’t commit to attend every Saturday are offered an Intermediate course one afternoon after school. Here, children will be taught how to read and write in Italian (spelling, reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar). Please note that this course does not include topics. During the first term they will learn all the basic sounds of the Italian phonetic.

You can now book online for our online courses and Preschool Saturday School Club di Sofia, contact us to book onto our Saturday School at St John Fisher RC Primary School, Raynes Park SW20 9NA

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