• Sofia Gardini de Freitas

Struggling to get your children do their homework? Make it fun!!! Here’s a few tips from Sofia.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Create a reading competition using buzzers

Create pieces of paper with words/easy sentences for them to read and then put the timer on. Let them read the word/sentence on the paper and run through your living room and stick the paper in a jar! Encourage them to beat their record on how many words they can read in 3 minutes.

Tresure hunt (they’ll need to read the clues)

Why don’t create a treasure hunt with lots of clues so that they can keep themselves busy looking for the treasure (I’ll leave that to you!) and in the meantime they practice their reading? I create very long ones for my kids at home, they work as a team and they go around the house while I am cooking lunch and… boom! Treasure hunt finished, reading done, lunch ready! Win win!

Story and Quiz time (perfect for siblings!)

Pick a book (not one that they have read already 50 times) and read it. From time to time stop and ask them if they understand the meaning of the words (if they don’t then explain). At the end tell them it’s quiz time. They’ll get a point each time they answer well (be flexible!). This will really improve their reading/listening comprehensions skills as well as talking skills in Italian.

Hunting Eggs

This activity will require some plastic eggs (like the Easter ones), some paper and a pen. Prepare some words and put them inside the eggs. Aside, prepare a ‘legend’ with the phonic sounds you associate with the words in the eggs. Then hide the eggs around the room as ask your child to search for them (you can also use the good old “acqua, fuochino, fuoco” clues). When an egg is found, ask your child to read the work and associate it with the right phonic sound. You can also use different colours for different sounds.

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