About Scuola di Sofia

Learn, interact, connect

Our Philosophy

Just a spoonful of sugar and…

the homework goes down! 

At Scuola di Sofia we don’t just want the children to learn Italian, we want them to LOVE learning it! That’s why we are always thinking of new wonderfully creative ways to teach them with fun and involve children in new exciting and investigative ways to learn!

It’s been proven that when children ‘discover’ learning, they actually remember concepts faster and better, and they are auto-motivated to keep on learning. This is the great philosophy behind Scuola di Sofia, which dumps the old traditional language teaching methods in favour of a new inspiring approach to learning. 

Ciao a tutti! I am Sofia Gardini, busy mum of three wonderful children and proud founder and head teacher of Scuola di Sofia Italian school.  I have had an extensive teaching career with over 15 years experience now, during this time I have developed an empathy with pupils that allows me to get the best out of them.  

I began my career as a language teacher in Milan (Italy), where I took my Master Honours Bachelor's degree in Modern Languages. After I moved to the UK and had my own children, I really missed teaching and I wanted to create something of my own. This is how Scuola di Sofia was born. It started very little - my first class had only seven children!  Now we have over a hundred students and it is thriving, thanks to our passion and commitment as well as the support of a fantastic community of families.  


As a mother and as a teacher, I personally know the challenges that we need to face to grow bilingual children. It requires effort and consistency as well as method, and I am here to help families to achieve this. With us, children will develop a passion for learning Italian, and you will be surprised as you see fast improvements.