What our customers say about Scuola di Sofia

My son has been going to Sofia’s classes for more than a year. He absolutely loves them. The Zoom classes during lockdown were a big surprise as Sofia’s creativity with the content allowed them to play games, stories and more.

We will be moving to Saturday classes, as my son is very excited to improve reading skills, grammar and Italian culture.

Eleonora Romano

July 2020

Sofia is great! We started the school during lockdown and I’ve been impressed on how she managed to keep so many kids fully focused on a Zoom class, learning while having lots of fun. My son is really looking forward to going back to the Italian school in September!

Laura Rota, July 2020

My Italian is awful and we don't speak it at home but I'm constantly amazed at how much my son has been able to learn. The classes are always interactive and the combination of songs and craft activities ensure that the children are kept engaged for the full hour. It is clear that Sofia puts a lot of effort in preparing for each week and she is a great teacher. Would highly recommend.

Francesca (mum of Massimo, age 3)

My daughter has been going to Sofia’s Italian nursery classes for more than a year and she loves them. She really enjoys the activities and learning new Italian words through songs. Sofia has a deep knowledge and passion for her work and she prepares her classes very well.


Sofia's club is fantastic for my girls. There is a good mix of of songs, crafts and teaching and it's amazing how much they learn in just one hour per week. Sofia is really sweet and loving towards all the kids and my girls look forward to going every week. Best thing I've done to make Italian fun!

Alessandra (mum of Maya and Lara, age 4 and 2)

My son has greatly benefited from Sofia's Italian classes. He has significantly improved his vocabulary and he has started reading simple words. Sofia is an excellent teacher who genuinely cares about children developing their language skills and achieving continuous progress.

Giuseppe (dad of Giovanni, age 5)

My son has attended a year at Scuola di Sofia and he absolutely loved it!! I could see massive improvements in his Italian. His spoken Italian has become more fluent and his vocabulary richer. And he made lots of friends at school so he had more opportunities to communicate in Italian. We're enrolling for September and he's looking forward to going back to school!!

Antonella di Giampaolo

My boys (5 and 3) really enjoy the classes and love Sofia. In only two terms they have made such great progress and speaking Italian at home is much more natural and straightforward now. Italian singing has become a happy part of the whole family’s morning routine! We will continue the good work with Club di Sofia.


Sofia è professionale, preparata e insegna l'italiano con passione. Ha un'energia positiva contagiosa e fa divertire i bambini. Francamente, non credo avrei potuto trovare una maestra di italiano migliore per le mie figlie!