Italian School Classes

All levels available, from preschool to A-Levels and adults - Click here to check which is the right class for your child. LIVE CLASSES now available. You can now book online for certain classes, book a trial class or contact us for further information.


Live Zoom Italian classes
For all ages and levels

If you live too far away or you can’t be physically present at class, you can still enjoy the benefits of our lessons from the comfort of your home, with online classes specifically thought to capture children’s attention and help them learn whilst having fun. Activity worksheets and bonus video material will be also sent your way in order to consolidate learning.


Scuola italiana di Sofia organises a 2 hours session each Saturday 2.15-4.15pm, term time, for children in primary school age. This is a Beginner section, especially created for those children who do not speak Italian yet and may or may not have an Italian background. These sessions combine story time with vocabulary enrichment, interactive games and role play, practical activities both indoors and outdoors. 


Club di Sofia Preschool Classes

(under 5 years old)

Italian Nursery Classes for children 2-4 years old included and their parents/carers. These are fun and child friendly sessions where children learn a huge range of vocabulary on all sorts of topics, as well as literacy and numeracy concepts. 

Children grow in confidence by taking part in interactive games and they learn through songs, stories and creative activities.


Italian Saturday School for Bilingual Children (From YrR to Yr6)

Scuola italiana di Sofia organises an intensive 3.5 hour session each Saturday term time for children in primary school age. A full immersion Italian school that combines the study of the language (spelling, reading, listening, conversation and writing  skills) with a unique inspiring routine aimed at teaching Italian culture (History and Geography) to our young students. Children are divided in classes according to their age. At ISS kids will make Italian speaking friends and enjoy a friendly and caring school environment.

Italian Saturday School for Beginner Children (From YrR to Yr6)


Junior Beginners (5-9 years old)

Inspiring classes for children who don't speak Italian yet and would love to learn. The course is aimed to teach our young students lots of vocabulary and basic conversation sentences that can be used in every day situations, together with grammar basics. 


This course is for children who can speak Italian (more or less correctly) and would love to be able to read, write and improve their fluency. Classes cover five main areas: spelling, listening comprehension, reading, written production and conversation practice.


Private classes 
For all ages and levels

At Scuola di Sofia we offer one to one classes for children and adults at all levels. All material provided. Please contact us to discuss requirements. 


Senior Beginners (10-14 years old)

These sessions are aimed at older children who would like to have an intensive approach to the Italian language. Classes focus on grammar, communicative exercises, everyday topics and conversation practice to give your child a solid knowledge of the basics of Italian language.

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Senior Intermediate (10-14 years old)

Full immersion Italian intermediate level class for older children who want to learn about Italian grammar and writing techniques. Lessons focus on complex phonics, comprehension exercises and writing exercises with particular attention to sentence syntax.


GCSE & A-levels (14-18 years old)

These are classes specifically prepared to help your child achieve their full potential at their Italian GCSE and A-level exams. We use resources and deal with topics that are required in the exams.

Junior Intermediates (5-9 years old)

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Improvers 7-11 years old

Not new to Italian but still struggling to make proper sentences and finding the right words to express themselves? If your child falls in this category, this is the right class for them!

Afternoon School Clubs

If you are a parent or a school and would like to enquire about the possibility to open a new school club locally, please get in touch with us.